Women on the WWW

(Ah Ha! I'll bet you thought you were going to find the usual Internet rationing of naked women...)

 When I first connected my computer to another via a telephone line back in 1980, I found a magic that still fascinates me. But I also found then and now that the population of others like me were really not like me. The vast majority of them were of the male persuasion.

Please don't misunderstand. Those males were my friends, my confidants, my helpers and my companions and I learned most of what I know about computers from them. But, it was still so rare to find a woman's web page in those early days - every time I found one it was kind of a thrill.

So, when I started my web site in February of 1995, I decided to add links to the sites created by women. I think the first month or two I had about a dozen sites I had found. I asked viewers to send me any they found. In the beginning, it was mainly men making suggestions. Then the women started with 'will you add my site?'

Now it's past the 90's and women have really become equals in the web world but I can't seen to bring myself to eliminate this section.  It's just kind of for old times' sake.

One funny story about the early days:  I was always amazed, those first couple of years, when strangers found my website.  I'd get the nicest emails from guys all over but I could never figure out how they stumbled on my website.  So finally, I added the line to my home page asking people to tell me how they found my site.  I got immediate results.  The notes kept coming but now guys were explaining that they had just gone to the only search engine at the time - Lycos - and entered in the words 'naked' and 'girls' and up popped my site!  (You'll find the word naked on this page and, of course, girls on the home page.)  It cracked me up that they so easily came clean.  I still correspond with some of those guys all these years later.  And they are still waiting for the naked pictures!!

Fourth World Conference on Women, Beijing 1995
Women in Computer Science
TAP: The Ada Project
Women's Resources
Women In the Engineering Industry
International Network of Women in Technology
WomensNet @igc
The World's Women On-Line!
Global Fund for Women
Women's International Center

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Lots 'o links to personal web pages created by women...

Lots more links to personal web pages created by women...

The new links to commercial web pages created by women...

Thanks to all of you who have contributed by sending me URLS - please keep 'em coming.

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