May 4... Carpet Day!

About 5 years ago, my carpet became too filthy to live with and I started thinking about replacing it.  But, then I looked at all the furniture that would have to be moved and then I knew I'd never be able to pick out the right color or kind.  I know nothing about carpet except that mine was disgusting.  So I put it off and off and off and off and, in truth, it's really what started this whole redecorating thing.

Yesterday, my old carpet was hauled away.  And replaced by wonderful, new beautiful carpet.  On the downside, it really stinks.  On the upside, the stink of the new carpet (and probably the glue) will go away soon and now has obliterated the stink of the new paint!!

On carpet day, I turned my three webcams to get the best of the action.  And, it worked great until just after lunch when the got knocked awry.  But, I managed to capture the bulk of the action:



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