Furniture Findings

Late breaking news... I just found Manhattan Loft.Com and I think they should just ship me one of everything they have. Especially their chairs any of them all of them - I'll take the Zen platform bed or the Hi-Straight platform bed.

There's some mighty attractive stuff at Modern Sofa - Like these.

(the click to enlarge won't work here
but will on their website...


Beds... when you limit your choice to full size only, you discover that many of the cool designs come in King and Queen only.

But I like the back and sides of this one and that little swing table.  Don't need that side pillow.


I think I kind of like this one from:  Merchant Manager.Com

I love this chair - I think I'd have to sit in it before I forked over the $ but I love it.

Also from Merchant

I cannot believe this is nearly $1,000 but it is a great idea...

Room and

I think I really like this bed, maybe AND it comes in full size! But is it too much bed?  too much wood?  I like the bench at the end and the little side drawers even though I said I didn't need those. Room and

And, what about something like this for the kitchen where the little table is now?

Boconcept (This place has a lot of nice dressers and wardrobes...)

And for a rather radical departure :) ... I love this chair!  West Elm

But, then, I also love this one... Also West Elm

This one is from Solas and it is kidn of curvy and nice and comes in some fun colors.

I have no clue where I got this but they only had queens and kings anyway.  Maybe we use it for talking points if we get one made.

And this one I'm not even putting on the page... it is amazing so I am linking to it...  It's just amazing.

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